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7 Tips for Choosing Your Child’s First Pair of Glasses

Buying glasses for your child can be both an exciting and overwhelming process. There are many options and choices that you need to consider when selecting the right frames for your child. To help make the process easier here are 7 tips to help you purchase the perfect pair of glasses for your child.

1. Fashion Forward

Your child will be wearing glasses from now on, which can make them easy targets for teasing. Be sure that when you’re selecting frames you select a style that fits your child’s personality, are age appropriate, and under all circumstances are not “uncool.”

PRM_fashion forward

2. Metal or plastic?

You have two options, metal or plastic frames. Plastic frames are always a popular choice because they are lightweight and durable. If you have trouble deciding, ask your optician which material is the best option for your child.


3. Lens Material

Glasses are not only designed to help you child see clearer but also to protect their eyes. You want to make sure that your child’s lenses are made of polycarbonate, which is lightweight material that is very resilient. These lenses are impact resistant and offer UV protection.


4. Take it to the Bridge

One of the most important decisions when purchasing your child’s first pair of glasses is the bridge fit of the frames. As children are still developing, their glasses have a tendency to slide down their faces. Metal frames provide an easy solution to this problem as they have adjustable nose pads. If you have trouble deciding, ask your optician which frame options provide the best support for your child.


5. Earpiece Style

You have two options, cable temple and standard temples. A cable temple features a more curved earpiece that curves around the ear. A standard temple is simply straight edged. Cable temple earpiece styles prove to be better for younger children as they assist in preventing the frames from sliding. Standard temple earpieces are ideal for children who don’t have to wear glasses all the time.


6.The Right Fit

Once your child receives their glasses, make sure they fit your child’s face and do not appear to slip when they move their head. Be sure to look for red marks on the bridge of your child’s nose and behind their ears when they wear their glasses, as this could be a sign that the glasses fit too tightly.


7.Backup Plan

Kids are going to be kids, which means accidents happen. It might be a good idea to have a back up pair just in case they lose of break their first pair. Having a back up pair can be very advantageous for children who have strong prescriptions and rely heavily on their glasses. 


Now you’re ready to go select your child’s first pair of glasses with confidence. Check out some of the many glasses brands and styles Premier Medical carries and schedule your eye exam today. 

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