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8 Quick & Easy Ways to Protect Your Hearing Today

In today’s world where music is everywhere, a real problem has developed; noise-related hearing loss.  What does this mean? Noise-related deafness is hearing loss caused by prolonged exposure to loud noise, which is irreversible. Music is not all to blame as certain lifestyles can attribute to this problem as well. It is important to take steps to prevent noise-related damage; here are some quick and easy tips to help prevent damage to your hearing.

Turn the Volume Down

Louder isn’t always better. Ask anyone who suffers from hearing loss.  Here are a few instances when you should turn down the volume:

When you’re using your headphones/earphones, never listen to music at high volumes. If you can’t hear external noises or if the person next to you can hear your music, then it’s too loud.

Try noise-canceling headphones or go retro with muff-type. These style headphones provided protection to your ears by allowing you to listen to music at lower volumes while canceling out background noise.

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Who doesn’t love a jam session in their car? At high volumes, music begins to get distorted. Next time, turn the radio, TV or iPod down a notch. The slightest reduction can have a huge impact on protecting your hearing.

Use the 60:60 rule. This means listen to music at 60% max volume for no more than 60 minutes.

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Protect Your Ears

Hearing damage is reliant on two factors, how loud is the noise and exposure time to the noise. Here are everyday instances when you should wear earplugs:

When you go to a concert, bring a pair of earplugs. Earplugs at a concert allow you enjoy the event without the ringing in your ear afterward.


You wouldn’t think mowing the lawn could damage your hearing, but the reality is it can. Next time you cut the grass, be sure to not only wear protective eyewear, but also earplugs.

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If you work in an environment with loud noises, wearing earmuffs or earplugs are vital to prevent hearing loss. This can include construction sites, working near busy highways, automobile repair, and many others.

In any instance where you are subjected to prolonged loud noises, take a 10- minute quiet break to allow your ears time to recover.

The most important tip for protecting your hearing is going to regular hearing tests. The certified audiology staff at Premier Medical Audiology and Hearing Aid Center specialize in diagnosing, treating and managing individuals with hearing loss and balance problems utilizing the latest available technologies.

Don’t ignore hearing problems. Most people wait years after noticing hearing loss, which can inflict additional damage.  Work these easy tips into daily routines to help ensure healthy hearing for years to come.

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