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5 Benefits of LASIK

LASIK doesn’t just mean unfiltered vision, it means less hassle and improved living. Check out these ways LASIK can improve your lifestyle.



Improved Vision

Studies have shown that LASIK surgery can give 95% of patients uncorrected visual acuity of at least 20/40, and 85% achieve 20/20 vision or better. Patients have reported that their peripheral vision increased, as well as nighttime vision due to a lack of light reflection.

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Long Lasting

The procedure is expected to last a lifetime. There are no follow-up procedures, unless of course there is an injury to the eye. The investment in a procedure will easily pay for itself in the amount spent on contact lenses and glasses over time.

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Quick Recovery

Many doctors report that patients can return to work and their normal routine as soon as the next day.

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No more contacts or glasses

The cost of contacts is said to be between $375 to $450 per year. Granted LASIK may cost more, it is an investment just like any other, it pays off in the long term. Saying goodbye to your glasses means you can say hello to versatility. You can enjoy the convenience of non-perscription sunglasses. You also no longer have to worry with the responsibility of losing or forgetting your glasses anymore.

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Reduced allergy symptoms

Some patients report that their eye allergy symptoms decreased after treatment. They have fewer headaches and less sinus pain without the weight of glasses on their nose. Those who used to wear contacts have found that their eyes are less irritated and red.

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Premier Medical has three LASIK specialists that are available to discuss your options today. Click here to schedule an appointment.

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