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5 Easy Ways to Care for Your Eyes this Summer

PRM_cover Twitter The warm summer sun makes everyday outdoor activities all the more exciting. However, many people fail to realize, too much sun exposure can lead to certain health risks such as the development of cataracts. Keep an eye on UV protection, this summer, with these five easy tips.



The first step to protecting your eyes this season is to wear sunglasses.  Whether the sun is shining bright or the clouds are hanging overhead, wearing sunglasses is a clear way to block out UV rays and prevent cataracts from forming over time.




When we work or play outside, it’s easy to forget the grime and dirt that can accumulate on our hands and bodies.  Make sure not rub your eyes with dirty hands, as this can lead to viral and bacterial infections.



Wear goggles when you swim!  Chlorine is a chemical used to sanitize water, which strips the water of the protective film that keep bacteria out. By wearing goggles, you can protect your eyes from conjunctivitis and other infections.




Start them early! Children’s eyes are more susceptible to UV rays. In fact, 80% UV ray exposure occurs before the age of 18.  Set them up with the right sun shades.



Know how to properly care for your eyes. When you get sand or sunblock in your eyes, it can lead to excessive tearing and inflammation. Rinse your eyes with either saline or water to flush out any toxins, and never try to get particles out with your fingers or other tools.


Remember sun exposure is not just exclusive to skin damage. Before you step outside grab your sunglasses or a hat. If you need prescription sunglasses, schedule an appointment to see optometrists at Premier Medical.


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