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Hearing loss: Your Child May Not be Ignoring You

5 signs your child has hearing loss

Hearing loss: Your Child May Not Be Ignoring You

Is your child ignoring you or could they have unidentified hearing loss? Statistics show 14.9% of children, ages 6-19 years old, have hearing loss in one or both ears. As a parent, you are the best person to monitor signs that may suggest poor hearing. Below are 5 signs to look for if you think your child could have hearing loss.

1. Poor grades
If your child begins to perform poorly in school, or their teacher notes they have difficulty hearing and responding in class, ask the child’s doctor for a hearing exam, as soon as possible.
2. Loud speaking
Has your child begun to speak louder than previously? Hearing loss can affect your child’s speech development in more ways than one; for example, it can delay or make their speech unclear.
3. Doesn’t follow instructions
This is often mistaken for not paying attention or ignoring, but it could be a serious sign of partial or complete hearing loss.
4. Often says ‘Huh?’ or ‘ What?’
While this may seem like your child is ignoring you, it could be unidentified hearing loss.
5. Turns the TV volume up too high
If your child sits close to the TV or is unable to watch TV with others because the volume is too high, this is a sign your child may have difficulty hearing.

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Premier Medical has helped several patients identify and treat their hearing loss. If your child is experiencing any of these signs, please make an appointment with an ENT Physician at Premier Medical for a complete hearing exam.


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