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Kids Eye Exams: What to Expect

kids eye exams

Kid's Eye Exam: What to Expect
Are your child’s eyes ready to start back to school? Even if you think your child has good vision, an eye exam should be on the top of their supply list. Below are a few things you should know before you schedule your child’s eye exam.

Why are eye exams important for kids?
Did you know 1-in-4 school-age kids have a vision problem? 80 percent of everything your child learns comes through their eyes. Vision problems can limit your child’s ability to learn and behavior.Vision testing, at an early age, is important to making sure your child has the visual skills they need to do well in school.

How often should kids have their eyes examined?
All school-age kids should have their eyes examined before starting kindergarten or the first grade. After that, the AOA recommends an eye exam every two years, if there are no vision problems.

What to expect during an eye exam
Kids can easily feel scared of a doctor, especially with large eye exam equipment. Make sure your child feels comfortable and is alert. Be prepared to answer a few questions about your child’s medical history and daily activities. The eye exam may include:

• Case history

• Vision testing

• Determine if eyeglasses are needed

• Eye alignment testing

• Evaluate eye health

After the exam, your child’s eye physician will talk about their findings and make any suggestions to improve you child’s vision.

What are common types of eye tests for kids?

Your child’s eye physician will test them for the following:

• Nearsightedness

• Farsightedness

• Astigmatism

• Lazy Eye

• Misalignment of eyes 

• Eyelid health

Good eyesight is important for kids to make the grade. Keep your child’s eyes healthy and their learning abilities sharp, schedule their eye exam at Premier Medical today.




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