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Restoring Youthful Vision

Premier Medical, Eye and Vision

Premier Medical, Eye and Vision

Who doesn’t want youthful vision? The unfortunate part is that as we age, our vision slowly worsens. A big part of the loss of youthful vision is developing cataracts. Cataracts occur when the eye’s natural lens gets cloudy. The clouding blocks light and causes vision to gradually blur, thereby diminishing vision. It’s essentially like trying to look at something through a piece of wax paper. Cataracts can also cause double vision, sensitivity to light and the inability to see bright colors.

Cataracts are incredibly common. Anyone is at risk of developing them as they age—especially those with a family history of cataracts, medical problems like diabetes, and previous eye injuries—but the most common age of cataract patients is between 60 to 70 years old. Sometimes eyeglasses can help improve vision with cataracts, but if the cataracts are bad enough, surgery is the only option.

Premier Medical cataract correction

Cataract surgery involves removing the cloudy lens and replacing it with a clear, artificial lens, which is called an intraocular lens. The artificial lens helps the eye focus light and can help restore vision. There are a variety of lens implant options, all depending on a patient’s specific needs. For example, a monofocal intraocular lens corrects vision for one distance, requiring patients to still need glasses for certain activities like reading or driving. A multifocal intraocular lens helps patients focus clearly at multiple distances, requiring less of a need for glasses.

Cataract surgery requires just a small incision in the side of the cornea, and it’s known as an incredibly safe, accurate surgery. In fact, it’s often performed as an outpatient surgery. At Premier Medical, we know that vision loss greatly affects quality of life. We can help you determine the best course of action to correct your cataracts. Give us a call today and get one step closer to restoring your youthful vision.

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