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3 Summer Skin Care Tips to Remember

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Ahhhh, summertime. A wonderful season of flip flops, shorts and cool shades. While its easy to get caught up in the summer time fun, it’s important to remember the effects the sweet sunny rays can have on your skin, and we are not talking tan lines. 

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It is no secret the many effects prolonged sun exposure can have on your skin. The most obvious, but never overstated deterrent is to wear sufficient sunscreen. While there are many discussions on which brand, spf level and application is best, you can help ensure safe sunscreen habits by practicing this rule – “When in doubt, Do it again”. 

This goes for the first time you apply and re-application as sun, sweat and water diminish the effects of your protection. Making sunscreen your friend today can help your skin from becoming friends with wrinkles, burns, and skin cancer tomorrow. 

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We know soaking up the sun by the pool is well, amazing, but like all good things too much can be harmful. Even when wearing sunscreen, it is always a great idea to give your skin a break from the sunny rays by covering up. Time to break out your stylish new hat and reach for that swimsuit cover. Clothing is an excellent way to ward off the harmful effects of UV rays, but there are a few things to consider before throwing on just anything. The thicker and darker the color the more you are protected, while you don’t have to adorn a winter coat to be safe, it is not a bad idea to avoid light colors and see-through materials for optimal protection. Take time to cover up now and protect, instead of covering up later to hide dry, sun damaged skin.

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Spending more time outside in the dog days of summer can quickly leave you and your skin de-hydrated. In addition to drinking a daily in-take of water,(recommend 2 -3 liters), it is healthy and smart to also indulge in fresh, water rich foods such as watermelon and cucumbers. Hydrating before and after lengthy sun exposure can help keep your summer skin looking its best.

So, when the beach beckons and the pool begins to pull you in, take a moment to remind yourself of these essential skin care tips.

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