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Does Dry Weather Affect Your Sinuses?

Dry Weather & Sinuses
Are you enjoying the current Indian Summer? Although the lower humidity feels great, it can take a toll on your sinuses. Dry, warm air can cause watery eyes, a dry throat, respiratory problems, or congestion. Dr. Swain says, “If you file these symptoms under ‘allergy season,’ you may be surprised to find you could have a sinus infection.”

Why do these symptoms occur every year?

As humidity levels lower, and the temperature drops, airflow to the nasal passages declines. Dry weather can cause mucus in the nose to dry up. When this happens, it becomes hard for your nose to warm cold air before it reaches your lungs and less effective at filtering particles from inhaled air.

How to avoid dry sinuses

Dr. Swain says there are some simple ways to avoid dry sinuses that include: staying hydrated, utilizing a humidifier and avoiding circumstances that cause your symptoms to flare up.

However, the best way to combat sinus problems is to talk to a specialist. Don’t hesitate to resolve sinus problems before they go from bad to worst. Make an appointment with an ENT specialist at Premier Medical.



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