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4 Ways to Hear the Sounds of the Holidays

hear the sounds of the holidays


It’s the most wonderful time of year! With holiday cheer cropping up on every corner, it’s hard to ignore the sounds of the holidays, unless you have hearing loss.

People with hearing loss can sometimes fill lost in the noise of the season. Attending holiday parties and family gatherings can be challenging listening situations. This year, use these tips to help you or someone you know with hearing loss enjoys the sounds of the holidays.

Wear your hearing aids

If you have a hearing aid, you should wear it to holiday events. Don’t worry about it amplifying background noise, modern digital hearing aids filter out unwanted noise so you can focus on cheerful conversations.

Find the right seat

If you’re attending a holiday dinner, make sure you sit at the center of the table or closest to friends and family. This way you can feel involved.

Find a quiet place

Steer clear of loudspeakers and noisy kitchens. Find a quiet space where you can hear and enjoy conversation.

Get a hearing test

More than 36 million Americans have hearing loss and only 20 percent seek help. If you think you’re hearing has decreased, get a hearing test.
Premier Medical is here to help you hear the sounds of the holidays. Schedule your hearing test today.
Happy Holidays!

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