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How Do I Know I Need Hearing Aids?

How do I know I need Hearing Aids?

You can’t hide hearing loss, but you can hide hearing aids.

Hearing is something many of us take for granted. When hearing becomes difficult, we tend to overlook it until a loved one notices a change in our behavior. Luckily, living with hearing loss is nothing like it use to be. Thanks to modern technology, people with hearing loss have many options when it comes to choosing a hearing aid.

Don’t let vanity get the best of you. Here are some ways to recognize you may need a hearing aid(s):

Hearing loss
Because hearing loss happens so slowly, it may be hard to notice at first. However, if left untreated, hearing loss can greatly impact your quality of life.

Here are some early signs of hearing loss:
• Turning up the volume on the TV or Phone
• Speaking louder than normal
• Having things repeated often
• Difficulty understanding speech in a noisy environment, i.e., restaurant
• Ringing in one or both ears

Hearing Evaluation
If your hearing test determines you have hearing loss, you should see an audiologist for a complete hearing assessment. This evaluation will look at your family history, inspect the outer ear and ear drum and include other tests to tell how severe your hearing loss is.

Personal Preference
Your hearing evaluation only tells part of the story. The audiologist will also look at your overall health to determine if a hearing aid is right for you. While you may not be ready for hearing aids, you do need to take into consideration whether you are having problems with communicating.

Hearing aids can drastically improve the quality of what you hear, which can help bridge the gap to understanding and enjoying the world around you. If you are having trouble hearing, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to come see us today.


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