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Kids ENT Health: 3 Signs it’s Time to See a Specialist

Kids ENT Health When to See a Specialist. Ear and sound illustration

Ear, nose, and throat (ENT) problems are the primary reasons why children visit the pediatrician every year. In fact, ear infections are the most common type of illness in children. These chronic infections account for approximately 15 to 30 million visits to the doctor each year. Other frequent pediatric ENT issues include tonsillitis (an inflammation of the tonsils, often times caused by streptococcus or the common cold) and sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses, usually caused by an infection).

Parents believe ENT problems are usually limited to the colder months, but they are common conditions year-round. And while most pediatricians are equipped to handle basic ENT problems, there does come a time when an ENT specialist should be considered.

Here are a few scenarios when your child should see an ENT specialist:

Persistent snoring is not normal in children. While it’s not necessarily a cause for urgent concern, a visit to an ENT specialist could make sure the child doesn’t suffer from conditions like sleep apnea.

Recurrent colds
It’s normal for children to have recurrent colds—especially children who are frequently around other children at daycare or school. It’s also normal for colds to occur every three to four weeks. But, if the cold symptoms are persistent, lasting more than a week—or if the symptoms get worse—it’s time for a visit with a specialist.

Chronic ear infections
Once your child’s ear infections become chronic, the only thing that will help is to insert ear tubes. If a child has more than three ear infections during a span of six months, that may mean tubes are needed. An ENT specialist can help determine if—and when—tubes are needed.

At Premier Medical, our ENT specialists have years of experience treating these common pediatric ENT issues and more. Our dedicated staff can work with you and your family to create a customized and effective treatment plan for your child. Make an appointment with one of our ENT specialists today to keep your child healthy and happy.


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