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Treatment Options

Once a patient has been tested and diagnosed, the specialists at Premier Medical will develop an individualized allergy treatment plan that may include one or more of the following approaches:

  • Avoidance – This involves removing items like carpet that trigger a person’s allergies out of their environment, using air purifiers, cleaning air ducts, and minimizing contact with pets.
  • Medications – Many types of medicines are available to help control allergy symptoms, including pills, nasal sprays and eye drops.
  • Allergy Serum (Immunotherapy) – Allergy serum is made up of purified extracts of the substances that trigger allergies, and is mixed individually for each patient. In some cases, the serum offers the chance to live without medications. However, the use of allergy immunotherapy is a long commitment, usually at least five years.

There are two ways to get allergy serum:

  • Shots – Shots are usually given once a week at our office. Once the buildup phase is complete, it is possible for some patients to give their own injections at home.
  • Drops Drops are placed under the tongue.  There are no needles and drops can be administered at home from the start.  However, the drops must be given daily and insurance does not cover their cost.

Most allergy patients will benefit from the variety of treatment options that are available.