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About Audiology

Audiology is the study of hearing disorders through the identification and measurement of hearing loss, as well as the rehabilitation of persons with hearing impairments. The specialty also encompasses balance disorders, which are frequently caused by problems with the inner ear.

The certified audiology staff at Premier Medical Audiology and Hearing Aid Center specialize in diagnosing, treating and managing individuals with hearing loss and balance problems utilizing the latest available technologies.

While hearing loss is most common among adults over 65, hearing problems can occur at any age. Our audiologists determine appropriate patient treatment by combining a complete patient history with a variety of specialized auditory and balance assessments.

Most people with hearing impairment can benefit from the use of hearing aids.  Audiologists are the most qualified and knowledgeable about the various styles and brands of hearing aids available. In some cases, other hearing rehabilitation options may be recommended (i.e., cochlear implant BAHA).

Hearing loss is caused by medical problems about 10% of the time. Audiologists are trained to recognize these medical problems and refer patients to physicians when the hearing or balance problem requires medical or surgical evaluation or treatment.

Hearing loss is a medical condition and it should be fully evaluated as such.  Our goal as ENT’s and Audiologists working together is to provide you with the best medical and rehabilitative options to achieve better hearing.

Social & Physiological Impacts of Hearing Loss

Research on people with hearing loss and their significant others has shown that hearing aids play a significant factor in a person’s social, emotional, psychological and physical well-being.  Recent studies have found that people suffering from Alzheimer’s or dementia may benefit from hearing aids through auditory stimulation.

More specifically, treatment of hearing loss has been shown to improve*

  • Communication in relationships
  • Improvements in family relationships
  • Ease in communication
  • Earning power
  • Sense of control over your life
  • Social participation
  • Perception of mental functioning
  • Emotional stability

When you consider all the benefits of better hearing, you can see that hearing aids hold great potential to positively change your life.  *

Schedule your Comprehensive Hearing Evaluation

If your hearing check indicated that you have a hearing loss, it is recommended you make an appointment with an Audiologist at Premier Medical Audiology and Hearing Aid Center for a complete hearing assessment.  Our professional staff of audiologist will help you decide if a hearing aid is right for you.  If you are interested in discovering how a hearing aid can improve your quality of life, please contact us to arrange a free demonstration of state-of-the-art hearing aids and Bluetooth accessories.