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Hearing Aid Information

Hearing Aid Styles

The Audiologists at Premier Medical Group fit hearing aids from established manufacturers who continue to advance technology and provide superior instruments.  Many hearing aids are virtually invisible when worn, and provide a natural sound quality, as they emphasize the sounds needed to help you understand family and friends with ease.  The new technology in hearing aids offer just what you need and want:  powerful performance in the smallest size possible.  Today’s hearing aids even offer water, sweat, moisture, and dust resistance.

After a thorough audio-metric evaluation is completed, the Audiologist will recommend the most appropriate hearing aid to fit your hearing loss and lifestyle.

Hearing Aid Dispensing and Fitting

A hearing aid is a very personal item, and the Audiologist at Premier Medical Group offer a very personalized experience for you.

As part of your hearing aid evaluation, we will assess your lifestyle and communication needs to ensure that you receive the treatment that will best meet your personal needs.  Because hearing loss affects the individual as well as the family and loved ones, we recommend that a spouse or family member accompany you during your visit, at which time the hearing test results and hearing aid expectations will be discussed.

During the hearing aid dispense, we will instruct you on use of the hearing aid and accessories, as well as cleaning and maintenance of your hearing aid.

Follow-up care and maintenance is a very important part of your hearing aid purchase.  Regular in-office cleanings and maintenance are recommended.  In addition, as you acclimate to your hearing aid, you may want some fine tuning adjustments or reprogramming for your instruments.