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Botox and Fillers


BOTOX® Cosmetic is the leading non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the United States. It is an injection that is used to temporarily reduce or eliminate frown lines, forehead creases, and crow’s feet near the eyes.

FDA-approved BOTOX@, safely and successfully treats wrinkles caused by muscle contraction.  This reduces their activity and results in a smoother, more refreshed appearance.

One treatment usually takes less than 15 minutes. The number of injections needed depends on the type of wrinkles treated. Results are typically seen within days and last for 3-4 months.

Speak with your Premier Medical professional to decide if BOTOX® is right for you.



Dermal fillers are injected beneath and work under the skin to replace elasticity and plump up sagging skin. They can enhance thin lips and shallow contours, soften facial creases, remove wrinkles and improve the appearance of recessed scars. The result is a more youthful appearance without invasive surgery and little recovery time.

The professionals at Premier Medical utilize the following FDA-approved fillers:

Juvederm® and Restylane®  Juvaderm® and Restylane® are hyaluronic acid fillers which act like an inflated cushion to support facial structures and tissues that may have lost volume or elasticity due to normal aging. They also bring water to the surface of skin to keep it looking fresh and supple.

Sculptra® aesthetic — Sculptra® aesthetic is a synthetic polylactic acid dermal filler that stimulates your own body’s collagen production, with results appearing gradually over a period of a few months.

Radiesse® — Radiesse® or calcium hydroxylapatite is used to fill moderate-to-severe creases such as laugh lines, marionette lines and frown lines and to enhance fullness of the cheeks and other facial contours.

Belotero Balance® Belotero Balance® filler is an injectable filler that is specially designed to integrate into your skin and mold to your distinct facial contours.    Once injected, it instantly smooths the lines and wrinkles around the nose and  mouth for smooth and natural results in your face.

Your Premier Medical professional can advise you on the appropriate treatment that will result in the best outcome for you.

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