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Sinus Disease


Sinusitis, or inflammation of the sinuses, is one of the most common health problems in America.   In 2011, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported that nearly 30 million adults were diagnosed with the disease.

In sinusitis, the cavities of the sinuses become inflamed and prevent normal mucus drainage, causing mucus and pressure to build up.  This results in familiar symptoms such as throbbing facial pain or headaches, difficulty breathing and sleeping, bad breath, and nausea.

Sinusitis that lasts more than 12 weeks is known as chronic sinusitis.  Chronic sufferers should seek relief from a specialist, like the ENTs at Premier Medical.  Using a variety of tests, they will diagnose the source of condition. It may be polyps, fungus, thickened mucous debris in the sinuses, anatomic obstruction from a deviated nasal septum, or other issues.

Treatment for chronic sinusitis may include medication, nasal steroid sprays, allergy shots, antibiotics, or oral steroids to relieve symptoms.  Surgery is also an option for some conditions.

In endoscopic sinus surgery, an endoscope, a thin camera with a light at the end, is used in conjunction with surgical tools to clear blocked sinuses and restore normal sinus drainage.

The less-invasive technique of balloon sinuplasty uses a small, flexible, balloon catheter to open up blocked sinus passageways and help restore normal sinus drainage and function.

Balloon Sinuplasty Doctors