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Cornea Anatomy

The cornea is the clear, dome-shaped surface that covers the front of the eye. It not only protects the eye from infection and the environment, but also acts as its outermost lens. As the cornea bends or refracts light rays as they enter the eye, it is vital that the cornea remains clear.

Many eye conditions affect the cornea. In addition to injuries and the aging process, diseases and disorders include allergies, conjunctivitis, infections, dry eye and corneal dystrophies, which cause the cornea to lose clarity due to a buildup of cloudy material. Once the cornea becomes cloudy, poor vision or blindness may result.

Our ophthalmologists provide comprehensive medical and surgical management for a full range of conditions. Treatment includes medication, surgery and in some cases, a corneal transplant in which a diseased or scarred cornea is replaced with a new clear one.

The physicians at Premier Medical are able to perform both traditional and the most advanced corneal replacement techniques.